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Litigation - Trusts & Estates

The following Weinstock Manion trust and estate planning, administration and litigation attorneys I know are extremely competent, professional, assertive, thoughtful and affordable, and I would hire them again: Beth Acevedo, Jessica Babrick, Jeff Geida, Maggie Mouradian, Diane Park, Blake Rummel, Sussan Shore, Andrew Smith, Neil Solarz, Rob Strauss.

Ron Miller

Trusts & Estates Law

The Weinstock Manion firm has proven to be an excellent partner in managing our family office and proactively helping us to achieve our estate planning goals.

Charles Mostov

Trusts & Estates Law

Weinstock Manion has a high level of thoughtful work, especially in explaining the need for certain provisions in one's trust.

Trusts & Estates Law

Every experience with Weinstock Manion has been exceptional. The gold-standard in legal services; highest level of expertise combined with wisdom and customer service.

Trusts & Estates Law

Weinstock Manion is a top-flight law firm that works best for higher income clients. They definitely have the staff and expertise to handle this kind of casework.

Trusts & Estates Law

Weinstock Manion provided an unbelievable level of expertise, knowledge and creativity in all areas of wealth planning with a wonderfully supportive attitude. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Alla Kutz

Trusts & Estates Law

I find the attorneys I dealt with at Weinstock Manion to be caring and sensitive to the client's needs, highly professional, and very competent in their individual areas of expertise. On a personal level they are pleasant to work with.

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