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Wheeler Upham, P.C.

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Employment Law - Individuals

My experience with Glenn Smith at Wheeler Upham was great. The professionalism and thoroughness, along with the guidance throughout the whole process was amazing.

Employment Law - Individuals

As a former military criminal investigator and federal law enforcement officer I understand how much research is necessary to maintain the knowledge of current law and the dedication that is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation in the performance of a legal professional's duties. Glenn L. Smith at Wheeler Upham possess these characteristics in order to build an iron clad case for his clients and it has been my pleasure to have worked with Glenn on my legal issues. Glenn has always been available via phone, text, email and in person to answer my questions and that is a quality I have noticed that many other attorneys I have worked with do not always portray.

Ed Kerner

Employment Law - Individuals

Wheeler Upham expertly helps clients navigate federal employment issues, such as with the U.S. Postal Service. Their attorney that I worked with directly, Glenn Smith, was genuinely concerned about the effect of unethical practices, and worked diligently to protect the rights of his clients. His understanding of specific postal regulations and policies were instrumental in successful negotiations with Postal Service attorneys and arguments before federal judges. His experience allowed him to accurately predict likely outcomes, and was thus able to inform clients about reasonable expectations. He was prompt in responding to questions, and was able to explain important issues to clients. I was always informed of the expenses involved, and always felt that I received outstanding service for the payment given. He had an astounding ability to read large amounts of information and remember key elements. As a former chief union steward at my office, I am often asked for recommendations, and I would not recommend any other law firm for U.S. Postal Service employment issues, or any other attorney than Glenn Smith.

Employment Law - Individuals

Wheeler Upham is very professional & knowledgeable.

Employment Law - Individuals

Attorney Glenn Smith at Wheeler Upham was excellent! He responded to me any time I had a question. He was very knowledgeable on the issues I had. He let me know what was best for me and he was tough when he had to be. He didn’t let the agency bully me, and he let them know he knew his job. I have recommended Attorny Smith to at least ten other people. He’s that good!

Sandra Tidwell

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