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Wiechert, Munk & Goldstein, PC

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Criminal Defense: White-Collar

Wiechert, Munk & Goldstein are a very knowledgeable and experienced team. Thorough preparation and professional guidance.

Jim Josway

Commercial Litigation

This is an excellent law firm. Every person that I have dealt with at Wiechert, Munk & Goldstein has been excellent, responsive, thorough and nice. They operate as a team, with each and everyone of them fighting for their clients.

Kia Jam

Commercial Litigation

Jessica Munk, with Wiechert, Munk & Goldstein, was my attorney in a civil case against a firm with superior legal and financial resources. Over the course of discovery the Wiechert, Munk & Goldstein were able to effectively weaken the prosecution's case to the point where an equitable settlement the case. My case was long and protracted due to an unreasonable plaintiff position intended to harass and professionally damage my reputation in the field. Jessica demonstrated a tenacity and empathy that reassured me that we had a defendable position throughout the case history.

Commercial Litigation

Wiechert, Munk & Goldstein bring big firm expertise to a boutique practice. The client service is personalized and excellent. When business is on the line, I trust them to have my back.

Commercial Litigation

Wiechert, Munk & Goldstein's David Weichert is a brilliant lawyer; among the best I have worked with in 35 years of practice.

Reuben Guttman Guttman, Buschner & Brooks

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