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Administrative / Regulatory Law

I have the pleasure of working with several excellent attorneys from Williams, Weese, Pepple & Ferguson. Without exception, they all provide high quality legal services and consistently obtain great results for my company.

Administrative / Regulatory Law

Zeke Williams at Williams, Weese, Pepple & Ferguson, is an excellent attorney, highly knowledgeable , skilled, experienced and well practiced in the fields of natural resources, environmental and administrative law, particularly with respect to NEPA reviews and compliance. Zeke is also a pleasure to work with and relates well to his direct client representative, our staff more broadly and those within the regulatory agencies with whom we work.

David Corbin Aspen Skiing Company

Natural Resources Law

Most of my work with Williams, Weese, Pepple & Ferguson has been with Zeke Williams. He is a very fine lawyer with excellent knowledge of his subject matter, very quick response times, great contacts in the government agencies with which we worked, great flexibility in working with clients and their staffs and a manner and demeanor that served to produce excellent results. I would recommend him to any person or business needing services related to natural resources issues with governmental agencies at every level of government.

William Baum Intrawest Resort Holding Company, Inc.

Oil & Gas Law

Williams, Weese, Pepple & Ferguson aims to do and be the best at everything they do. It is indeed an exceptional group of lawyers and other professionals.

Ted Freedman Delta Petroleum

Tax Law

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Lewis Bess, with Williams, Weese, Pepple & Ferguson. The attorney I work with, his team and support staff, have been nothing but professional, and timely and have been cost-effective for the product delivered compared to other firms I've used. I have no hesitation recommending them with exemplary marks.

Taylor Kirkpatrick

Tax Law

I worked with two of the attorneys in the estate and tax planning group at Williams, Weese, Pepple & Ferguson and have referred friends to them as well. The expertise is second to none and above what I've seen at other regional firms. Combined with the rates that are substantially less than big law and it's a great combination.

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