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Employment Law - Management

Winterbauer & Diamond is very professional, knowledgeable and responsive.

Employment Law - Management

Winterbauer & Diamond are thorough and professional with a high degree of business and political acumen. Their strategic counsel help my organization navigate many sensitive issues to minimize liability and reputation damage. I was the Chair of the Board and we, the Board, were their client. The issue we dealt with had implications to the CEO's contract. The firm is highly ethical and is always clear and mindful of who is their client.

Litigation - Labor & Employment

Winterbauer & Diamond have saved my organization hundreds of thousands of dollars. Due to their excellent research, documentation and experience we have held the upper hand in pre-trail issues causing the claimant to want to settle before the case starts in court. This make the firm cost-effective, saving us court costs and settlement costs.

Labor Law - Management

We give Winterbauer & Diamond all of our tough employee claims and issues. The firm is detailed, knowledgeable, fair-minded and easy to work with. The are direct and clear in providing options and offering opinions.

Employment Law - Management

I have been working with Ken Diamond and his team at Winterbauer & Diamond for 6+ years on employment matters and been through several employee meditations with them. Their advice is always sound legally while also balanced with a practical approach for our business. Ken and his team are always a pleasure to work with, in spite of the often challenging situations for which we are engaging them.

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