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Family Law

My case involved separation, divorce, child custody, child support, alimony and equitable distribution. A Greensboro attorney highly recommended Carolyn Woodruff at Woodruff Family Law Group. I ended up meeting family law specialist Jessica Bullock, and from the start I really enjoyed our business relationship. Jessica is an intelligent and caring professional. The staff members at Woodruff Family Law Group were polite, made sure that I was comfortable and continuously communicated what I could expect in all situations that arose. Any parent who wants someone to take the time to relate to them on a human level and understands North Carolina law and how it applies to their own situation with effective and skilled representation should consider contacting Woodruff Family Law Group.

Family Law

The lawyers at Woodruff Family Law Group are intelligent, well-prepared, ethical, and respectful to judges and all officers of the court. They do things the right way.

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