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Wright Close & Barger, LLP

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Appellate Practice

My firm has worked exclusively with Wright Close & Barger on Appellate matters for over 10 years because they get results! This is a complicated and technical section of the law and Jessica Barger is a true expert. With her guidance and clear explanations of the law and case strategies, my team has further benefitted with risk mitigation techniques integrated with our standard practices which has averted future litigation. In a recent case against us, the plaintiff's attorney withdrew before we even had to answer because of how WCB taught us to set up contract terms. Whether Appellate or Commercial Litigation, they believe in partnering for the mutual benefit of all involved.

Bob Vercera Manhattan Construction Company

Appellate Practice

Wright Close & Barger are the best of the best. They are extremely effective and efficient. They provide clear and concise advice on win probability and the path to victory. They are also extremely knowledgeable and detail orientated.

Appellate Practice

Wright Close & Barger's appellate section is forward-thinking and evolutionary. It is absolutely necessary that appellate counsel be thorough and hopefully right. But when your attorneys can envision legal concepts and arguments outside existing case law and are willing to be frontrunners on the law itself, you know you have a winner.

Appellate Practice

Outstanding appellate lawyers. Extensive experience and winning results in the courts of appeals and Texas Supreme Court.

Robin Harrison Hicks Thomas

Appellate Practice

On a regular basis, I deal with Tom Wright, Jessica Barger, Howard Close, and Wanda Fowler.. They are always well prepared, both stategically and legally. They map out a road to victory and win cases against tremendous odds.

David Keltner Kelly Hart

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